Macau – 4 Different Sides of the Mysterious Peninsula


People may heard of Macau but not sure what and where is it. Macau is a special administrative region of China, used to be run by Portuguese and now well known for  its gambling and entertainment industry. It’s a city of contrast, with super luxurious hotels for a modern vacation and old town of historical attractions and area.

My family often took me to Macau for day or weekend trip when I was a kid, since it’s just an hour boat ride from Hong Kong. Macau people are nicer than Hong Kongese in my opinion. Food in Macau are a blast as well, I love those family business  restaurant remains its signature homemade dishes for generations. Here are some information revealing what to do in the mysterious Macau:

Gambling and Entertaining Macau


If you want to try out your luck or an relaxing vacation, you can plan your trip to those 5* hotel resorts with their own massive casinos and full house of entertainments. Once you step out from the ferry terminal, you will find racks of shuttle bus straight to those different resorts.

These resorts are like an amusement park with their own themes and shopping area  that you can simply spend a whole day indoor.

View from Macau Tower

You may want to visit the Macau Tower as well, it’s the tallest skyscraper in Macau where you can see the panorama view of the city or bungee jumping! I recommend having the buffet on the 360 cafe on the 60/F which already included the entrance of  the tower and the whole floor will be turning 360 degree in an hour!

Historical Macau

Handmade almond cookie

The culture in Macau are influenced by Portugal, and many buildings and artifacts are left with a sense of western and Catholic style. One of the main attractions is Ruins of St. Paul’s, a front side of a Catholic Church left after a fire burnt down in the 17th century. You can find out more about the history of Macau by visiting the Macau Museum behind St. Paul’s. It’s located at the central of Macau where next to it the shopping area where you can find those most popular souvenir like pork and beef jerky, Portuguese egg tart and almond cookies.

Cultural and Alternative Macau


If you want to see the alternative Macau and avoid the crowd, I’d recommend you to visit the area of A-Ma Temple. Apart from the famous A-Ma Temple that protect the fisherman, there are a lot of artisan cafes and galleries in the area. There are some old flat turned into museum where you can see the living environment of the old days.

Foodie Macau


Food in Macau are amazing! I especially love those home business restaurant that still do homemade dishes, using their dedications and times. Simply ignore any travelling books since they disappointed me way too many times. Those recommended shops used to be great but quality drops due to popularity that taken away the time to make good food. Portugal restaurant serve very nice food as well.


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