Travel Live! A Week at Switzerland Part 2


It’s the fifth day of the trip!

I finally met up my friends from Hong Kong in Zurich. We stayed at the little old town Maur and had an super amazing time! Definitely recommend this city just 30 minutes away from Zurich, along a huge lake and beautiful nature.


The host and Swiss homemade dinner


Traditional Rosti

Another highlight of my stay is the great hospitality from our host. We stayed at the cozy little room in their 200 years old cabin, filled with details of memories. One the first night, the host Reinhard took me and another guest in the house Silke to the concert at a church where his wife Elisangela is working at. It’s an very unique experience to listen to prayer and songs in a totally foreign language and meet the big family.



Stunner in the rain

It’s was raining on the second morning. I stuck with my original plan to go for a walk along the lake. Although it’s quite difficult to get photos in the rain, I managed to capture the other sides of her beauty in the rain.

After wandering for almost 3 hours to the one end of the lake, I took the bus to get back to the house. Reinhard and Elisangela prepared us the Swiss traditional dish Rosti, a potato pancake, along with wrust and fried egg. We spend the night sharing our travel and life story. Was such an amazing night to meet friends from all over the world.


Doing the stunt !

We left the next morning, Sun are shinning bright so we head to the central for another photo. The next destination is Interlaken. Reinhard suggest that we should go for a walk in Lucerne since we need to interchange there anyway.




Lucerne is one of the most famous cities in Switzerland, with the famous bridge and lion statue. The main street is filled with renaissance vibes and a bit too touristy for me. The view is definitely stunning under the sun though.

We then continue our rides to interlaken. Stay tuned for more adventures update here !


Oi oi! Scoltland is a 24/7 Beaut

1660851_10203421602885447_1693260532_nI was born in a big city and living in one, that’s why I really appreciate and feeling blessed whenever I came across in nature. Scotland is probably my favourite country in the UK, where you can find those eyes widen sceneries. I went to Scotland twice, once in winter and once in summer. She offers us her two sides of beauty, different yet still a stunner.

Since we don’t drive, I joined a 3 days tour the Highland, Isle of Skye and Loch Ness for both of the trips of different companies. There are several tour company running for local tours, itinerary may varies but similar, and some of the attractions have  added on admission upon aboard. Remember to check the tour start day, not every tour are departure every day.

Winter Scotland

Feb 2015

Duration: 5 days

Group size: 3

Tour company: Highland Experience

It was a week break of my first year studying in London. With the accompany of 2 friends, we decided to head North to feel more of the winter. We arrived Edinburgh and stayed for the first night, visiting the city centre to some of the main attraction like Edinburgh Castle.

It was nearly a day driving just to departure from Edinburgh to highland, remember to take pills or sleep all the way through if you’re sensitive to motion sickness!

On the second day we visited the highland waterfall, The Quiraing and the Eilean Donan Castle, which used to be where the Scottish Royal lived and now refurnished to be a museum. Then we visited the old battle field you see in the movie Braveheart – Culloden. On the last day of the tour, we walk along the mystery Loch Ness and learn about this mythic creatures of its museum. Then ended the trip with a visit to Scottish whiskey factory.

Highlights of the tour: The mountain covered in snow and the purplish sunset is stunning. Seafood and Scottish beef in a Michelin restaurant next to Loch Ness taste amazing! Since the accommodation of the tour was along the way, we stayed at two fine and cozy BnB with tasty breakfast!

Remarks: The ticket to Eilean Donan Castle, Culloden Museum, Loch Ness Exhibition and whiskey factory is additional. Remember to let your driver know if you are participating or not to avoid misunderstanding. Since that happened in our tour that a guy complaining and saying the driver is deceiving his money, leaded to a delay of the whole tour.

Summer Scotland

Jun 2015

Duration: 5 days

Group size: 2

Tour company: Rabbie’s


It was during my mom came to visit for a month before going back home for summer in my first year. I though Scotland is beautiful enough in winter and never expected that she has another sprit in summer! The weather is so nice and the nature is awaken, the mountain, the sky, the sea… are painted with saturated colors.

Like the first trip, we stayed in the Edinburgh for a night and enjoyed some cheap but tasty mussel in the Mussel Inn.


Mom’s genius picture of me with the castle and everything out focus…

We headed to the departure point and drove away by our energetic guide Andrew. We arrived the Eilean Donan Castle on the first day. The itinerary was bit different from our last trip, Andrew took us to many nature sites like cliffs and hills with striking view. Despite Andrew’s age(he told us he’s in his 70), he led all the way running uphill and climbing on rocks!

A lady from Australia in my dorm told me that she has been travelling in the highland for a month without renting a car. Since there’s no fixed schedule for transports, she was simply taking an adventure and a good way to discover Scotland.

Highlights of the tour: Summer breeze in Scotland is gorgeous! Everywhere I’ve visited before look very different! Another important factor that make this great trip is our tour guild Andrew. He asked us to sit together and introduce ourselves so everyone became friends on the way. He also showed use some exclusive spots that not included in the trip that are very beautiful and photogenic.

Remarks: The accommodation these time is according to the price range so we stayed in the cheapest one in a dorm. Many restaurant there offers late lunch menu till 6pm so you can enjoy a tasty and budgeted 2 or 3 courses if you check on the time.