Shopping in Style: 5 Picks of Vintage/ Flea Market Around the World


Everyone have their own favourite golden era, mine is the 80s with all the dramatic hair and fashion. Walking through vintage market it’s like an alternative way to see their history through fashion and antique that represent certain eras of different countries. I love collecting second hand fashion and gadgets that so unique and real bargain! Here are my few picks of budgeted vintage market:

#1 Bricklane Market, London

Mural with constantly changing graffiti.

Basically heaven for vintage lover like me! The area is filled with East London vintage vibes, with cheap vintage clothing, eyes catching graffiti and full of street food! Bricklane is my favourite area in the entire London and may find me wondering around with handful of bags and food on Sunday. The market is full of second hand cameras, antique, furniture and much more to offer.

IMAG5442Oversized jackets, cardigan sweaters, high waist denim jeans,? You can find everything to complete your look from 20s to 00s. With vintage chain shop like Rokit and Beyond Retro, you can find high quality second hands in bargain! Or search  through a rank all for 5 quid on the street stores, here is no pressure to your wallet!

The area is open daily however, the best visit to Bricklane is on Sunday. On Sunday, it’s filled with streets of food carts, a whole floor of pop up shops, and street performers just around each corner! Don’t forget to try out the best salted beef bagel!

#2 Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen, Paris


The largest flea market in Paris, open on the weekend. The market started with ordinary flea market stuff like retails clothing or tourists goods. Vintage gems are located at the end of the market, filled with vinyl records shops, second hand fashion, antique, and lots of amazing interior stores.

Amazing modernism interior decorations on the road.

The shops here are full characters, like each boutique is specified in its own era or style. Each and every little interior store is a complete decorated room with its own theme. A laidback atmosphere is in the area, you can certainly enjoy a chilling Parisian afternoon there.

#3 Brooklyn Flea, New York


My host in New York offered to take me to breakfast and the flea market on a Sunday morning. I had the best avocado toast ever in my life!

The market is kind of hard to find in the middle of the community but it worth visiting if you’re a antique or furniture fan. The market has lots of old furniture and I was addicted to an old greenish wooden chair. There are many fascinating little gadgets like metal toys or military pledges. Apart from vintage stuff, you can find some local artists or designers stores as well. Tired after a long shipping day? Simply grab a beer next door and meet some cool people.

#4 Ap Liu Street, Hong Kong

Flea market in Hong Kong is popular for its cheap price and variety. These markets are differ from the western one, most of them are selling daily goods instead of second hand stuff which people consider those may bring bad luck.


Ap Liu Street is located at Sham Shui Po district, was one of the old public estate area in Hong Kong, the lower living standard explained the low pricing of goods in the area. Ap Liu Street aimed selling electronic gadgets, from phone case, machine pieces to devices repairing services. There are many shops for fabric and clothing export and retail as well. Not to mention you will end up in a food coma after having cheap and tasty street food along the market.

#5 Sofo, Stockholm


Walk pass the Old Town in Stockholm will enter the artistic area Gamla Stan. Alternatives of northern Europe interior, you can find best of both from aged and classy to modern and posh. Looking for high fashion? Then you may find some recycled vintage garment with designer retouches.

If you are a photographer or simply looking for some cool museum to visit then walk along the sea side of Gamla Stan. Beside a beautiful view over Stockholm skyline you will find Fotografiska, a contemporary photography museum showing some of the most significant photographer’s work of the century.

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