Travel Live! A Week at Switzerland Part 3-Interlaken and Skydiving!

IMAG7784The three of us headed to Interlaken (meaning the city in between the lakes), where well known for its natures and the Alps. One of the main reasons for this trip is doing skydive in Interlaken, crossing out one more item on our bucket list so we are all very excited about the last few day of the trip.

We arrived Interlaken OST station  in the evening after the short visit to Lusern. The city centre is nothing exciting really, filled with luxury hotels, branded shops like Swiss watches and souvenirs shops, streets of restaurants and two big supermarket. Pretty much touristy. However, I found it very contrasting when behind these city like view are the stunning mountains covered in snow along the Alps, and the peaceful lake aside. I;m really excited to see the nature side of Interlaken.

About 20 minutes walk to our hostel Lazy Falken, we had a chill evening. Unfortunately, our first attempt of skydiving is cancelled due to the bad weather the other morning so we then rescheduled it for the day after. Skydiving is totally weather dependent, not just sunny or not but the wind speed and so.

Tips: So bare in mind if you desperately wanted to do skydiving or any weather dependent sport like paragliding, make sure you free up few day slots in a row. 

Due to the expensive lifestyle in Switzerland, we didn’t have a good chance to try out food in a restaurant (I only ate microwave meal and sandwiches). We decided to enjoy a good one replace our disappointment of the cancellation. Finally we picked the All You Can Eat set will a cheese fondue and a grill and unlimited order of all ingredients. We were served will a table full of food, from cheese, salad, dried seeds, pickles and bread, wrust, chicken breast, horse steak and tiger prawn to potatoes and rice. It cost around CHF 60/pp. I promised I’m so full and unlimited cheese is so satisfying!

The last full day in Interlaken is quiet intense. Since we’ve rescheduled the jump at 3 pm, we have to get up at 0530 to catch the first train at 0635 to Jungfraujoch, the highest peak in Europe along the Alps.

Tips: Highly recommend to take the early train to avoid the crowds or tours in order to enjoy some quality time with the Alps or catching the sunrise.

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Amazing view

After 2 hours ish ride, and changed 2 times, with interchange stops that you can do snow sports, we arrived! The train ticket is like the admission fee of Jungfraujoch, with series of spots and activities you can do on hill.

Stepping out of the station is like a convention centre, with interactive and art displays about Jungfrau the history of building the rail. We headed to the first viewing stage where you can see the tip of Jungfrau and a series of mountains with clouds flowing between. Words can’t even describe how incredible and stunning the view is, especially when the sun beams hit on the mountains, the snow are shinning.

Then we get back inside and walked past the exhibition like the ice hall and entered another exit to see the mountain with probably the most iconic tourist spot where the Swiss flay stands. There’s a Lindt chocolate shop at the end of the building, with lower price and more variety of their products.

Reminder: The height of Jungfraujoch is above 3000m (10000 ft.), it’s totally normal to get the Altitude sickness, that cause by different air pressure, oxygen level of the high altitude. You may fell hard to breathe, dizziness, headache or even throwing up. So don’t panic or force yourself go any higher uphill and report any sickness. 

We took the train back to Interlaken and getting ready for skydiving! We were all so excited and nervous about that. We booked with Skydive Switzerland and got the pick up to the flying space. There were a simple brief about the diving position and precaution the we were getting ready in our jumpsuit and gear! I was assigned to my tandem Field. It’s weird that I didn’t feel nervous any more but with pure excitement. Got on the plane, safely attached to our tandem, flying over the beautiful scenery, maybe 10 minutes or so and it’s time

With my tandem Field and my lost shoe hahah

Sliding to the door, bending knees, head back and JUMP! Around 45s of free falling, body facing down, I didn’t feel much fear or force that I was expected. Then when the parachute opened, you are now in a standing position, well, 13000 ft. above. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The bird eyes view is so damn beautiful, the mountains, the lake, the plains… it’s like you’re walking in the sky. There’s nothing like that feeling in my life, EVER! It felt so right to me and never felt so peaceful before.

i-lose-my-shoe02Well, there’s a little funny incident in my dive, one of my shoe slipped off the second I jump. And I ended up with only one shoe when landing. Everyone is having a good laugh about that 😀 I promised I’ll do skydiving again and again!


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  1. Welcome to the I am from Singapore and my husband is from Hong Kong. We are living in Midland, UK and look forward to see more of your adventure and post soon.


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