Travel Live! A Week at Switzerland Part 2


It’s the fifth day of the trip!

I finally met up my friends from Hong Kong in Zurich. We stayed at the little old town Maur and had an super amazing time! Definitely recommend this city just 30 minutes away from Zurich, along a huge lake and beautiful nature.

The host and Swiss homemade dinner
Traditional Rosti

Another highlight of my stay is the great hospitality from our host. We stayed at the cozy little room in their 200 years old cabin, filled with details of memories. One the first night, the host Reinhard took me and another guest in the house Silke to the concert at a church where his wife Elisangela is working at. It’s an very unique experience to listen to prayer and songs in a totally foreign language and meet the big family.


Stunner in the rain

It’s was raining on the second morning. I stuck with my original plan to go for a walk along the lake. Although it’s quite difficult to get photos in the rain, I managed to capture the other sides of her beauty in the rain.

After wandering for almost 3 hours to the one end of the lake, I took the bus to get back to the house. Reinhard and Elisangela prepared us the Swiss traditional dish Rosti, a potato pancake, along with wrust and fried egg. We spend the night sharing our travel and life story. Was such an amazing night to meet friends from all over the world.

Doing the stunt !

We left the next morning, Sun are shinning bright so we head to the central for another photo. The next destination is Interlaken. Reinhard suggest that we should go for a walk in Lucerne since we need to interchange there anyway.




Lucerne is one of the most famous cities in Switzerland, with the famous bridge and lion statue. The main street is filled with renaissance vibes and a bit too touristy for me. The view is definitely stunning under the sun though.

We then continue our rides to interlaken. Stay tuned for more adventures update here !


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