Travel Live! A Week at Switzerland Part 1


I’m currently in Switzerland for a week b break of Easter. Had a great time already and got some stunning shots that I can’t wait to share with you all. I’ll keep the trip updated, and write about the trip highlights, itinerary, adventures and some travelling tips.

Day 1 Basel


My flight landed in BSL airport in Basel from London STN at 10 am. Since there’s plenty of time until I can check in in Zurich, I planned to spend the afternoon to Basel.

The Basel World
The Basel Minster

I’m amazed and stopped few times by the modernism architecture along the way to the city center.

The Fondation Beyeler


First things first, I went straight to to the contemporary art museum the Fondation Beyeler, where called as one of the art lover bucket list. With a permanent collection of modern art like Picasso and Van Gogh’s and a pop up exhibition .




During my visit, the exhibition is for Jean Dubuffet, a contemporary artist who breaks the rules about doing art. His art instantly became one of my favorite, with colorful and joyful sprites, really fun to look at !

In the afternoon I headed to the train station and going to Zurich in the evening.

Day 2 Zurich

Stunning view !!

Luckily it’s a sunny day! Go straight to the city center (central station -1 stop from train station HB ) and walk along the river. The sun hits on the colorful buildings and reflected on the shadows.



I walked from one end to the other, cross the bridge then back to the station. In the side of the old town, there’s restaurant and churches that you can climb up to catch the view of the Zurich city. The other side is more like a luxury and designer shops.


Then I walked up hill, to the university of Zurich and visited its Zoological Museum. The best thing about it is free to entry! With 2 floors of animal specimens and interaction corners, 2 hours are easily spent.

Travel tips:


Transportation in Switzerland is pretty easy, with strictly scheduled tram and buses connected everywhere. Simply by a day passes for certain zones in different city for different durations. Although there’s no one to check your ticket on the bus, bare in mind to buy a ticket since everyone is cooperating and be responsible.

If you need to go to cities from cities, I suggest you to get the half fair card (CHF 120) that can apply to your all travel tickets.

Stay tuned for more details about the trip!


4 thoughts on “Travel Live! A Week at Switzerland Part 1

  1. Love your photos of Zurich! Glad to see you’re enjoying Switzerland — my brother actually moved to Basel a few years ago. Absolutely loves it — I don’t think he’ll ever come back lol.


  2. Some awesome filter you have on your photos (If you even had any!) Looked like you had a great time. I wasn’t a huge fan of the French side of Switzerland, so will look forward to checking out your recommendations!


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