Travel Strategy: Inspirations of Day Trip to UK Cities from London Part 2

10509603_10202168631963616_7334239794689673106_nSometimes I love having a spontaneous weekend trip to different cities in the UK. Most of them are well-known for a specific things like its historical buildings, architecture or those famous one born in the city etc. So, if you’re not particularly very into any of those factors, I suggest a day return trip from London would be enough for most of them.

Here are some of the alternative recommendations besides Part 1:


My Rating: 5 ★ 

The only thing I know about York before I get there is probably Yorkshire pudding, but I instantly fell in love with this little old town when I get there. The town centre is full of handmade or art crafts shops along the narrow street made out of stone. Everyone is chilling with a cup of coffee or a pint in hand in the big park next to the beautiful cathedral or along the stunning cannel.


The National Rail Museum in York in quite fascinating as well. The museum is partly open-air,  displayed full sets of trains according to their service era or serial number, from the oldest steaming on to the latest bullet train. Detailed explanations of how people build those train, rails history and life in the old days. Easily spent a whole afternoon taking photos in and out of the trains.

I and my mom tried the British tea set in the Yorkshire famous tea room Bettys, well, personally I found it just average and there’s plenty of better scones around the UK.


My Rating: 4 ★ 

One of my friend is studying in Sussex University, so I’ve spent few weekends there. Brighton is a beautiful seafront city specially in the summer. The Brighton Pier is a mini carnival, with indoor arcades and outdoor rides. It’s great fun to spend the afternoon in it testing your luck. Alternatively, it’s nice to simply grab a cool beer and chilling under the sun.

The Royal Pavilion

Walking through the city centre, you’ll see The Royal Pavilion, a place of the British royalty and refurnished into an Indian style dome. Next to the pavilion is the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, with varies collection from the porcelain decoration, Egyptian pottery to the contemporary interior design. The museum is recording the timeline of Brighton history. In the main street, there’re plenty options for nice restaurant, from budget to fancy dinning. Bill’s

If you’re ready to stay overnight in Brighton,  don’t forget to check out the clubs along the beach front. Since there’s two universities around, the club will filled with students and wild vibes!


My Rating: 2.5 ★ 

10482498_10202327245648859_6200730125176097825_nLots of people struggled choosing between visiting either Oxford or Cambridge, the two world class  universities in the UK. I would say the two are quite similar with a classic Royal like college, but personally I prefer Cambridge than Oxford.

Once you get out of the train station, you will see a bronze Ox statue that represent the city. The main attraction is the college itself and the museums surrounded. The city is also known as the birth of the classic Alice in The Wonderland, but only you could find that in the souvenir shop.


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