Travel Strategy: Inspirations of Day Trip to UK Cities from London Part 1

10553352_10202378387487373_1097319061743792693_nApology for the late post! Was a super busy week dealing with filming and editing for my last project of the year. This month I decided to write about my life in London, embracing my identity partly a Londoner (for 3 years) and partly a tourist, still exploring the UK.

During summer 2013, my mom came to visit for a month and we decided to travel throughout the  Britain. Here are the list of cities that we’ve been that may help when you plan your trip around UK:

Salisbury + Bath

My Rating: 5 ★ 

One of the main reason of my mom’s trip to the UK is to see the heritage and mystic Stonehenge. Personally I think Stonehenge is a tourist must see compare to the other check-in spots, these strange stones has a fascinating story behind indeed. Remember to book your ticket with certain time slot that helps you to skip the walk-in queue and secure your entrance to the stone circle.

We travelled from London Victoria to the old town Salisbury in the morning. At the entrance, we were given a time slot ticket and a guild headset. Then there was a transfer cart to take the visitors to the stone circle group by group. The Stonehenge are bounced that we couldn’t get close access. The headset guild introduce the history, myth, and fun facts about the stone.

After lunch in the old pub in Salisbury we headed to bath. I instantly fell in love with this little old town. We visited the Roman Baths Museum, where included the actual hot spring pools, the temple and artefacts from the Roman period. I recommend to rent the audio guide as well,  surprising well made with detailed information and special narrative with  virtual characters that made the history easy to remember. It’s a lovely to spend your afternoon in the Roman Plaza, it became super beautiful when the sunset hit the main street and everything turns into golden colour. Chilling with a cup of coffee or gelato, with the classical guitar playing along. I’ll definitely visit again in the summer time!


My Rating: 3.5 ★

Mom outside the King’s College campus

Cambridge is well known for its college. If you’re a fan of Academicism or simply want to listen to  some proper British accent, Cambridge is worth visiting. I didn’t try the punting since it’s a bit pricey but the campus and botanic garden is very nice indeed.

The most interesting part about Cambridge to me would be there’s lots of free, hidden, small museum that you will find around another corner. These museum are usually sponsored by different departments in University of Cambridge, that specialized in a field of collection and researches. I found some weird one but I like it.

The city centre have everything for daily life, shopping mall, restaurants and so on, nothing really special though. Day trip is pretty enough for me.


My Rating: 2.5 ★

10494698_10202282905780390_6574679349631947492_nManchester is another big metropolitan city in the UK, with busy town centre, a city university and national museum and so.

There are a National Football Museum that still pretty interesting for sport dummy like me. And the city is full of modern architecture and contemporary art piece. Well, it maybe a holly place for football lover, match is proper in Manchester Stadium. However, I won’t say it’s a must visit city for a regular tourist like me.


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