Alternative Photo Inspirations: Travel Back to Urban Hong Kong in the 60s

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I’m the kind of person that love wandering around and doing fun things, well, people may think I’m out of my mind but I don’t think there’s anything to be a shame of as long as I enjoy myself!

I and my best friend Michelle had a hobby of doing all kinds of fun and quirky photo shot everywhere, we bring along our tripod, put it on the street, in a museum, going to people houses, piers, with dress code, crazy make ups… just simply have selfie in an alternative way! Here are the biggest reveal of our photo spots that inspiring you  capturing the hidden sides of Hong Kong:

1. Industrial Rooftop

People always ask us where we went to get those shots with a grunge vibes and alternative scenery of Hong Kong, like time travelling back to the old days. I used to live in a flat in a 6 floors building in an older town in Hong Kong, and I always love hanging out on the rooftop. Due to the massive development in Hong Kong, these kind of old buildings are replacing by skyscrapers but there’s still, some gems left in old industrial town like Kowloon and Tsuen Wan.

Our favourite secret spot is the rooftop of industrial buildings, simply any one would be having a rooftop. However, there’s risks going up there. Since these are industrial buildings with factories, it may be dangerous with machines and heavy lifting going on, and it’s a private building and stranger may not be welcome. So be careful if you are planning to visit, it’s better to do the trip on the weekend and be respectful to the shops owners.

2. Public Housing Estate

People mostly live in public housing in Hong Kong. The government had taken down lots of old buildings and developing public housing estates due to the population growth back in the 60s. These public housing are mostly formed by few blogs or buildings as we call a ‘village’. The oldest kind of estate was high density bocks with practical design, straight edged and packed. I won’t say it’s comfy to live in but definitely signature of its look: bright colour painted, large number of blocks on the wall, cement wall and staircase, rusty metal door and the smell of home made dinner…everything everywhere are full of our collective memories.

3. Refurnished Historical Buildings

Not many people or even locals know there’s a lot of old houses were refurnished and now for public access in Hong Kong. There are varieties from Chinese traditional 4 combo flat, British Victorian Mansion to old shops that are kept as their original look but for different uses like small museums, exhibition venue or galleries. These housing are kept because of their unique style that representative for the era, that gives you a perfect place to take some retro photography.



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