Hidden Gems in Hong Kong: 3 Secret Routes that even Locals Missed Out

IMAG3019To kick start my first blog post I’d love to write something about my hometown Hong Kong. People always wondering where else to go in Hong Kong apart from those famous theme parks or shopping area.

I love wondering around Hong Kong. In my opinion, Hong Kong has a great balance of urban and rural area, combination of modern and tradition, and east meet west culture. However, I’d say Hong Kong is a very diverse city which her beauty had not been truly  appreciated by visitors or even local Hong Kongnese, since we are too busy studying and working .

Here are 3 routes that have much more to offer:

Route #1: Wan Chai>Admiralty>Central

Blue House in Wan Chai – Three heritage buildings painted in significant colors. Used to be the place for martial art practice and now a museum.

These 3 regions are located at the Hong Kong district, where is well known for its commercial area and famous skyscrapers. Not many people know that it was the central areas that Hong Kong was ruled by the British government back in the 1800s as well, that representing a significant history and you can find a lot of things related to our customs and traditions.

The route started from Wan Chai, where you can spotted some old building like the Blue and Yellow House, which were the place for Chinese Martial art. Walk along the street wet market and you may find traditional Hong Kong bakery and sorted your lunch for HKD 20!

Then head to the Admiralty direction, enter a elegant shopping mall Pacific Place and look for the elevator toward the Hong Kong Park. It is a nice park for family and you may plan a visit to the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware that display the Chinese tea drinking culture. Next walk a bit up hill, you can find the tram station that take you to The Peak, where you can see the panoramic view of Hong Kong Island. If you are looking for a family day, walk further uphill, you will arrive The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens where you can find varies of species and a big park.

Show shinning in Pedder Street

After spending an afternoon there, walking down toward Central. On the way, you can notices the Government House where the Governor used to live and currently occupied by the Chef executive. You can also find a lot of hand crafting shops along the way like frame making, metal crafting or even shoe shinning that will soon be eliminated from time to time. If you are looking for a drink or club for the evening, Lan Kwai Fong in Central is the best place for Hong Kong’s nightlife.

Route #2: Yau Ma Tei>Tsim Sha Tsui East

Local street market, selling dried goods

These 2 regions are located at the Kowloon Peninsula, most people will start their trip in Mong Kwok, one of the busiest district in Hong Kong known for street market and really bargain goods. However, Mong Kwok is no longer a secret place after all. Just walk a bit further, to Yau Ma Tei where still kept the old Hong Kong urban environment.


You can still find some old residential buildings there, and some interesting craftsman shop, like handmade tailor, vintage barber shop or even the place to buy paper art for funeral. Look no further if you are up for some traditional bites, no need to go for the famous one, simply pick an restaurant around you that filled with middle age people, that would be the place for local and authentic food. If you don’t mind eating on the street, 大牌檔 Dai Pai Dong is the best place to try a bit of everything in budget!

After spending an afternoon exploring the old Hong Kong, walk toward Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the most popular commercial area. It also have 4 high quality museums in the area with a very cheap admission fee. That’s where I spent most of my childhood and really recommend a visit.

Next to the beautiful Victoria Harbor you will find the Museum of Art and Space Museum. In the permanent exhibition of Museum of Art you can find traditional Chinese art work and painting. In the Space Museum, there are lots of interactive exhibits about the universe and space where perfect for children.

Then head a bit to the east, you will find my 2 favorites museums in Hong Kong, the Science Museum and the History Museum of Hong Kong. There are 3 floor full of interactive exhibits in the Science Museum about different topics like electrics, anatomy and environment etc. I could easily spend a whole day there still! Right next to the Science Museum is the History Museum, where take you back to the beginning of the recorded Hong Kong to the contemporary society. I love the part where you can walk through a built street in the 60s to 80s that look like everything my grandparents told me.

Route #3: From Sai Kung to an island adventure


Sai Kung is located in the inner port in Hong Kong, which is a village area famous for its seafood and beautiful ecology. Simply arrive Sai Kung Ferry Terminal and pick a  mini boat for an adventure to a random island around the port! It is the rural part of Hong Kong with beautiful beaches and easy hiking. You may also visit the ecology site with historical lava rocks.


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